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 Jacuzzis and Jacuzzi hard covers are sold at wholesale prices direct to the public , cutting out the middleman. We also cater for property developers, building contractors and renovators in the exclusive, upper end, multi-unit and other development markets. The main distribution area is centered in Johannesburg and Pretoria while the Jacuzzi manufacturing  plant and showroom is situated in Meyerton (approximately 35km south of Johannesburg). - Paradise Spa - 9 Van Der Bijl Street, Meyerton, Gauteng, South Africa. 

Since Paradise Spa was established during 1996 the company has grown to one of the major roll players in the Jacuzzi bath market, supplying both domestic as well as the export markets.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence in manufacturing and customer service has always been our foremost aid. From purchase to installation and the servicing of your Jacuzzi, we are at you service.

Our Jacuzzi tubs are manufactured from the finest materials. The Jacuzzi tubs are vacuum formed from sanitary ware grade acrylic  and hand laminated to ensure an even reinforcement.

Both "Perspex" (Sanitary-ware grade acrylic) and the Polyester resin are supplied by companies that are ISO 9002 approved.

Jacuzzi hard covers - Vinyl covers are more suited for in-door use while the PVC Canvas covers for out-door usage.